The Big Mac


A few months ago the Big Mac turned forty-five (45) years of age and it is shrinking in size every year. Like an elderly adult it is getting smaller and smaller as it ageist. Have you notice how small the Big Mac is this year? The Big Mac is know across the world and it is used by economist to gauge the cost of living in other countries, but the Big Mac gets smaller and smaller every year.

When I was younger, I remember the Big Mac was huge and taste delicious that it melted in my mouth with every bite. I would always have a hard time finishing the tasty burger and had to save it for later. Today, the Big Mac is not appealing and it lacks presentation. The quality of the burger does not represent the McDonald’s brand of yesterday.

The Big Mac was introduced by Jim Delligatti in the mid 60s and quickly grew in popularity across the country. McDonald’s first tested the product in the Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and it rapidly gained national attention by consumers and the burger world. The Big Mac has its own museum in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania that open in 2007 for its 40th anniversary.

That’s a big accomplishment in our society because the burger world is a huge market in our culture. However, that doesn’t explain why the Big Mac is shrinking in size. The two all beef patties are getting thinner and thinner every single time, so thin that you can compare it to slices of roast beef. Corporations need to be aware that consumers notice these kinds of changes and are not pleased with the changes that are made to their favorite products or brands.

The questions I ask myself are, why do we allow corporations to manipulate are buying habits? What is the cause of these drastic changes? Is it to keep the prices down on our favorite products? Is it to compete with other burgers? Or, is it to gauged the cost of living in our society? It doesn’t make sense to us but it does in the business world and we are being taken advantage of.

We need to take a stand and voice our opinions for better marketing practices. Corporations must take responsibility in the way they promote their business and how they promote their product. Practicing the proper ethics is important in the business world because consumes became loyal to the brand. Once a consumer becomes loyal to the brand they never look back and stay faithful to the product forever.

What do you think about the changes that corporations make to our favorite products throughout the years? Voice your opinion and let us know how you feel on this topic. Feel free to express your feelings and opinions on my blog.

Thank you.




Hello my fellow bloggers, I recently purchase this product at my local grocery store and was very disappointed with the quality of this product. I love Starbucks Coffee but this particular product was unacceptable. The product lacks flavor and has a bitter taste. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think.

I love coffee, in fact, I’m having a cup of coffee right now. I love the taste and the aroma that my cup of coffee holds, but this particular product didn’t offer the rich aroma and taste that I am accustomed to. In fact, the coffee was over 10 dollars. That’s some expensive coffee. Tell me what you think about this product. Thank you.


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